RYO Red Ginseng Shampoo 820ml

RYO Red Ginseng shampoo

Slowing down the aging of the scalp, Ginseng is well known as a powerful antioxidant.
In the sense that ginseng restores energy to the body, improves blood circulation and prevents the premature aging of vessels, it is obvious how ginseng can help improve the health of the scalp and hair.
In addition, it stimulates the biosynthesis of proteins in the body and DNA.
It boosts the regeneration of skin cells and consequently, the scalp ages three times slower than it would naturally.

Ginseng saponins particularly increase the multiplication of follicle cells, which means the more follicle cells, the stronger the hair roots are, thus resulting in less hair falling.

Through the study of ginseng and its effects on hair, RYO found that ginseng is capable of healing damaged hair.
In an experiment, a dose of ginseng extract helped heal brittle pieces of hair and restore a healthy shine.

How to use:

Massage the shampoo for 1-2 minutes on wet hair and scalp and rinse off.