MIRACLETOX Turnover Unit Mask - 4 Mask / Pack

A special aging mask made of ultra-fine sheet material that adheres perfectly to the skin. 

Containing 3% of dexpanthenol to protect against skin stress, soothe and protect skin and help improve skin barrier.

Contains 1% of AQUAXYL enhances moisture retention and prevent moisture loss, resulting in excellent visual improvement of the skin surface

Natural SW (fermented ma-yuen, fermented soybean, fermented ginseng, fermented potato, fermented rice) provides excellent moisturising and skin brightening effects.


Solves skin problems with 12 kinds of peptides

Contains Yellow Calming Complex obtained from 5 yellow plants excellent for soothing

Jin Ceramide 5 complex ceramides combined with baobab oil and hyaluronic acid densely fills the lipid protective film of the lamella layer of the skin and helps to maintain moisture, inhibit moisture evaporation, strengthen the skin barrier and suppress wrinkles.

RED 6 COMPLEX (Hibiscus, Nelumbo Nucifera flower, Camellia Japonica flower, Magnolia Liliflora flower, Rosa Centifolia flower, Paeonia Lactiflora)