Miracletox Time Rewind Beyond 4 Week Program (Limited Edition)



LIMITED EDITION Luxury home Miracletox treatment. Achieving soft and healthy skin in the comfort of your own home. DIY or do it for your partner. This kit contains everything you need to achieve younger, brighter, lifted skin with that amazing korean glow. Your skin has never felt more soft, almost like baby skin. This is the alternative at home treatment for the popular  Miracletox treatment done in beauty salons and clinics. 


100% authentic, Made in Korea. 

MiracleTox Time Rewind Beyond Tox Ampoule Program consist of: 

  • 1x Beyond Feel Cream 50g  
  • 4x Beyond Tox Ampoule (2g * 4ea)
  • 4x Beyond Tox Mask (30g *4ea) 
  • 1x Cryo Stick - Needs to be left in the freezer for atleast 30mins before usage. 

How to Use, 

 Step 1. Tox Ampoule

1. After cleansing, pat face dry then apply the entire contents of MESO-Tox evenly over the face and massage it with your fingertips for about 7-10mins with soft to medium pressure. You can apply more pressure on areas of concern. You should feel scratchy as you are massaging and that is normal. 
Skin should feel tingly and will be flushed after massaging of the Tox Ampoule ※

Step 2. Mask Pack
1. After Tox massage, open mask pouch and apply some serum from mask pack onto skin first with gentle pressure as there will be a lot of serum in the mask pack so we don’t want to waste any good nutrients for the skin, then unfold the mask carefully and place over face masking sure it fits accordingly. 

2. After about 20 - 30 minutes (or if you can leave it on until mask is dry) apply the Cryo stick (make sure the Cryo stick has been in the freezer for atleast 30mins) directly over mask for 2-3mins.

3. Remove the mask and tap the remaining serum on the skin gently. Follow by Feel Cream. 

Step 3. Feel Cream
1. Apply to the entire face with gentle pressure. Skin will feel prickly to touch as this is the normal process of cell regeneration. Prickly feeling should subside in the morning but it’s ok to still feel that prickly sensation till the next day. Each individual reacts differently. 
- Do not wash your face after the treatment until the next morning. 


1. Light cleansing
When cleansing, please wash face with gentle pressure. 

2. Do not exfoliate for the next 10-14 day’s. 
Avoid use of separate exfoliants (products containing peeling ingredients such as scrubs and AHA), as it may leave skin naturally detached without artificially detachment, and can irritate the skin

3. It is recommended to use 2g once a week or every fortnight. 

4. Heavy exercise, sauna, bath prohibition
It is recommended to avoid sauna, bath, etc. which can give a lot of sweat and exercise before and after use, a feeling of warmth to skin.

5. Drinking, smoking prohibited
After use, alcohol and smoking should be avoided.

6. Sufficient water intake and skin moisturizing
Because the skin can become dry, keep the skin moist by using enough moisture and moisturizing agent.

7. Use sunscreen everyday. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight after use, and please be sure to use sunscreen when you go out.