JM Solution Water Luminous Golden Cocoon Eye Mask (Black) 10 pack

JM Solution



Full padded sheet and moisturising nutrition essence recharges crumbly, saggy but sensitive skin around eyes to be firm and hydrated.

Achieve sensitive and tender skin around the eyes using the Water Luminous Golden Cocoon Eye Mask.

Bouncy Elastic Essence: Bouncy essence extends like silk gives skin around the eyes elasticity and vitality to help wrinkle care.

Silkworm extract & silk amino acid: Hydrating, nutritional care for eyes with silkworm extract rich in amino acid and silk amino acid.

Just thickness and width: Enough sized sheet that covers under eyes to outer rim of eyes take care of all troubled area for well deserved rest.

Hydration barrier with triple hyaluronic acid: Creates hydrating barrier to keep moisture in but to prevent them from drying, making moist eye rim

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Function: Brightening, Firming

How to Use:

  • Clean up skin surface after facial wash with toner
  • Place pads under eyes, then take a good rest.
  • Remove pad after 10-20 minutes, then gently pat on the area to absorb leftover essence.


Contains moisture complex: Aloe Barbadensis leaf water, bamboo water, pomegranate water, cypress water and everlasting flower water recharges moistures.