RYO Super Revital Total Care Conditioner (For Oily Hair) - 400ml



For hair that has been weakened or damaged by ageing, chemical processing or environmental stimulants, Ryo Ginsengbo Super Revital Total Care for shampoo gently and effectively treat damaged hair from root and scalp with deep nourishment to restore the health of hair, give volume and prevent hair loss. It suppress the scalp trouble factors and strengthen the hair root for healthy hair. This Super Revital TotaL Care shampoo restores hair's health, moisture and elasticity effectively and transforms yours into shiny, sleek hair.

Most hair loss problems are caused by scalp facing ageing which increases the loss of moisture and elasticity.

RYO Super Revital Total Care Conditioner (For Oily Hair): 1x 400ml


Purified water, stearyl alcohol, sathyl alcohol, stearamidopropylenediamine, dipropylene glycol, cyclopentacyloxane, dimetchcon, ginseng extract, sacrosanct leaf extract, camellia oil, spirit extract, Gosam extract, Tangzandae root extract (sam), Sclopolaria surface sand extract (hyeonsam), Cheondang osmosis extract, Aspergillus effluents, Haesongja oil, plum extract, plum seed extract, Gaciolum extract, Gaciogal root extract, Castile extract, Castile extract, ginger extract, lotus seed extract, sesame oil, sesame oil, gold extract, cacao extract, dysodium dithiay, butylene glycol, scoalan, hydrolyzed corn starch, dextrin, aspartic seed, ethanol, tetrahydium flavouring agent, flavouring agent.